The Camilla School Support Association (CSSA) is Camilla School's fundraising association, consisting of an executive made up of volunteers. Our main purpose is to raise funds to support and enhance our school community. The CSSA organizes fundraising events that involve the school and community, approaches private foundations and corporations for financial support and seeks out sources of funding from all levels of government by applying for grants.

While we aim to support our current school community, we must also plan for the future. With the exciting news of the approval for the replacement of Camilla School, our main focus over the next few years will be raising funds for a new playground and other expenses that may not be covered with the replacement. While the playground will be our major focus, we remain committed to supporting various programs and activities throughout the school year.

We encourage any parents, community members or business owners that wish to learn more about the CSSA to contact us by email at or through our Facebook page, CSSA Camilla. Our meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 pm. in the library and parents, guardians and community members are always welcome to attend.


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