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Services offered at Camilla

Special Education Services

Headstart Program

The Headstart Program is designed for young special needs children (ages 2 to 5) to prepare them for entry to Kindergarten and to provide a foundation for later success. The children who come to Headstart are from diverse backgrounds with a variety of experiences. Headstart provides learning experiences that are appropriate for meeting the various developmental needs of the children and promotes a positive attitude toward lifelong learning. The Program utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to teach these skills. The disciplines of speech/language, occupational therapy, and behavior modification are woven into the curriculum in order to address all dimensions of a child’s development. These young children, through early intervention strategies, develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepare them for later learning. The Headstart Program provides children with the initial tools required to grow into self-reliant, responsible, and caring individuals.

Integrated Support Program


This program is designed to meet the needs of children with a variety of learning needs classified by Alberta Learning as severe. The program uses a variety of different methods of instruction and strategies to teach these children to their potential. The children work in a small group in the morning and are integrated into regular classes with support of teacher assistants in the afternoon.

Knowledge and Employability

This program provides support to students in reading comprehension, writing and mathematics. The focus is on acquiring strong work place skills. The program is an alternate curriculum that parallels the regular curriculum. Students can register in the K & E program at the high school level.


This program offers students in grades 4- 6 assistance outside the regular classroom in the area of Language Arts. In a small group setting, with a special education teacher, students build their reading comprehension skills.

Other Programs


Mrs. Deanna Victoor will be teaching the religion program for Grade 1 to 6 students following the “Born of the Spirit” program. Students must have parent permission to receive religious instruction and to attend the religious program of studies. Preparation for the religious sacraments of First Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation is done at each of the church parishes, and is not part of the instruction taught at school. Please contact your parish for further information regarding sacramental preparation.

Youth Gathering


The Religion program for Junior High is delivered in the form of “Youth Gatherings” which is a series of 9 Gatherings that will take place during school hours. Perry Kieftenbeld, Roman Catholic Pastoral Assistant, delivers this program. Students require parental consent and must register for this program.



Camilla school is providing additional enrichment activities, above and beyond the differentiation that occurs in the classroom, to students who qualify. The program is not a gifted program but students in that gifted range will benefit from the increased differentiation.


Character Education

This year, at Camilla, a Character Education program is being offered by homeroom teachers for students in their classes that do not attend the Religion class. The topics for this program will correspond with the character trait listed each month in the student agenda and will include: being caring, courage, tolerance, ambition, responsibility, citizenship, fairness, loyalty and respect.

Sports Teams

Camilla offers several team sports including:

Junior High Boy/Girls Volleyball – October to November

Junior High Boys/Girls Basketball – January to March

Junior High Badminton – April to May

Cross-Country Run – September

Grade 4-9 Running Club (Journal Games)

Grade 4-9 Cross Country

Grade 4-9 Track & Field.

Hot Lunch

New this year, we will have hot lunch once a month for those who wish to order. Look for more information to come.

Milk Program

Camilla offers a milk program which allows students to purchase white or chocolate milk from the office everyday. Students may also purchase milk coupons in bulk from the office. 


Grade Nine Farewell

A farewell celebration is organized at the end of the year for all Grade 9 students. This celebration is organized by the students with the help of staff and parent volunteers. If you are interested in assisting in this event, please contact the office for further information.

Special Events

The student leadership class is devoted to building leadership capacity in our students. Through this, they can learn a variety of leadership skills and attributes. To give them an opportunity to practice these skills, these students help to organize a variety of events for students at all grade levels throughout the year. These events are posted throughout the school halls, are highlighted in morning announcements, and are available on our web site and published in the Camilla Connection.

Other events, such as the Primary and Elementary Track & Field also occur throughout the year. These events rely upon parent volunteers to ensure its success. All students are encouraged to attend and challenge themselves.


Camilla has an ice skating/hockey arena available for school use. Students are encouraged to take an active part in the ice skating portion of their gym class. These classes occur in the winter. Please check your child’s agenda for their class day and ensure that the proper equipment (helmet, skates, gloves, hat, ski suit) is sent with them for class.

The R.Q.B. Agricultural Society is comprised of volunteers and is responsible for running the arena and gymnasium as a community center in conjunction with Camilla School.

Public Skating

Public skating is offered at Riviere Qui Barre and Calahoo arenas during the winter months. Please contact the arenas for times, dates and fees.

Riviere Qui Barre (780)939-2422
Calahoo (780)967-5080